Temp.architecture.urbanism was founded by Maarten van Tuijl and Tom Bergevoet in 2011 as an urban innovation lab focusing on architecture, interior design, urban strategies and process support. Temp.architecture researches and designs spatial assignments for our future needs, with urban transformation, unpredictability and the user's input playing a central role. The name temp refers to time and emphasizes the importance of the process as a crucial factor in spatial development. 

The firm’s realized designs have included the alteration and renovation of the National Lifeboat Museum Dorus Rijkers in Den Helder, the office for the public prosecutor in Groningen, a visitor centre in Putten, several housing projects, interiors, exhibitions and, as part of an international design team, the transformation of a glass factory in Shenzhen, China. Temp.architecture also supports cities, networks of cities and other governmental institutions in concept development, knowledge sharing activities and innovative approaches to important urban challenges and opportunities. Besides this, the firm actively puts new spatial issues on the agenda by organizing debates and making publications such as The Flexible City, sustainable solutions for a Europe in transition, which was released by NAi010 publishers in 2016. 

Temp.architecture attaches great importance to working together with professionals from related sectors, such as financial advisers, process experts and social-media experts.

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